does turnitin keep papers

Want to know how Turnitin detects plagiarism? Read our article to find it out!

does turnitin keep papers

Every modern student who went to college knows that Turnitin is there basically to make your life a living hell. But what can Turnitin detect, really? Is it so smart that we, students, don’t stand a chance against it? How does this thing even work to catch us in the act?
Every respectable school or university will ask students to submit their essays to Turnitin, to avoid plagiarism. You can imagine that this wasn’t pleasant for them, and they even went to the point of refusing to take the ‘test.’ They would try to appeal to the teachers, feign hurt because ‘requiring this check would mean they’re thought capable of plagiarism.’ Boo-hoo.

Does turnitin keep papers
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Reality: The similarity score must be interpreted in the context of the assignment and the actual writing. The only way to do this is to look at the Similarity Report.
Reality: Turnitin receives over 200,000 papers daily, and no human reads the papers at Turnitin. All papers are processed by our software, servers, and databases.

Does turnitin keep papers
If this is the case, we are all criminals.
I didn’t know you could remove your paper from the archive.

NOTE: The instructions below are for New assignments, but if you would like to change the settings for an existing assignment, click on the class name, then the “More Actions” link for the assignment and choose the “Edit Settings” link. Finish by following steps 5-8. The new settings will only affect future submissions, and not already-submitted papers.
It is possible for the Similarity Index (the percentage of matching text between a submitted document and sources in the Turnitin databases) to change after you’ve received an initial Originality Report.