edgar allan poe essays and reviews the library of america 1984

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edgar allan poe essays and reviews the library of america 1984

Edgar allan poe essays and reviews the library of america 1984
The Library of America is an award-winning, nonprofit program dedicated to publishing America’s best and most significant writing in handsome, enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts. Hailed as “the most important book-publishing project in the nation’s history” (Newsweek), this acclaimed series is restoring America’s literary heritage in “the finest-looking, longest-lasting edition ever made” (New Republic).
G. R. Thompson, volume editor, is professor of English at Purdue University. He was editor of Poe Studies from 1968 to 1980 and is the author of Poe’s Fiction: Romantic Irony in the Gothic Tales.

This is the most complete one-volume edition of Poe’s essays and reviews ever published. Here are all his major writings on the theory of poetry, the art of fiction, and the duties of a critic: “The Rationale of Verse,” “The Philosophy of Composition,” “The Poetic Principle,” and “About Critics and Criticism.” Articulating Poe’s passion for technical proficiency and his theory of poetic method, these essays show why he so strongly influenced the French symbolists toward the end of nineteenth century and, through them, the poetry of T. S. Eliot and Hart Crane.
Also included are a wealth of articles on a wide variety of topics: South Sea exploration, cryptography, drama, geography, music, transcendentalism, phrenology, ancient languages, and modern cities.

[126] Last Bower / Lost Bower [203]Jaque /Jacque [325] Marryatt / Marryat [385] equivoque / equivoque, Calderon / Calderon [403] bizzarreries / bizarreries [456] Melanges / Melanges [458] schwarmerei /schwarmerei [460] azula /azul [1061] Manichocans / Manichaeans [1081] millionare / millionaire [1090] La Martine / Lamartine [1144] Proemus / Boemus [1214] Herschell / Herschel (new) [1298] statutary / statutory, apopthegm / apophthegm [1300] Tomas / Tomas, importo / importa, poco qui /poco que [1302] questio / quaestio [1303] Greely / Greeley [1306] Spencer / Spenser [1307] er lasst / es lasst, Massaccion / Masaccian [1309] consequence / conse‘quence [1311] Quintillian / Quintilian [1323] jen / j‘en [1332]Bolinbroke / Bolingbroke, Maniere / Maniere (Maniere is erroneously substituted) [1336] some one other / some one or other [1338] cents / cent [1339] Menipee / Menippee [1347] Le Sueur / Le Seur [1367] Busching / Busching, Canabitch / Cannabich, Gutsmuth / Guths-Muths [1371] Sulspicius / Sulpicius, parire / perire, Carey / Cary [1376] pinciples (corrected editorially but not in list) [1385] condems / condemns [1391] Hardenburgh / Hardenburg [1403] my monotone / by monotone [1414] Foque / Fouque [1430] is‘nt / isn‘t [1440] Pinckney / Pinkney [1466] Triuculo / Trinculo, preterea / praeterea [1466] Malspert / Malapert (corrected, but not listed) [1467] niai-series / niaiseries (not listed), sangre azula / azol, villify / vilify, Francais / franc,ais [1483] Ostram / Ostrom (new), echas / ekes (both in Greek letters) [1487] Newham / Newnham (new) [1497] Trelawney / Trelawny (new), Rose Matilda / Rosa etc. (new) [1506] Aurungzebe’s / Augungzebe’s (new) [1507] Marcantonia / Marcantonio (new) [1508] Sulpicious (twice) / Sulpicius (new) [1515] Barthelemy / Barthelemy [1516] Broglie, Dulce / Broglie, Duc [1518] “Chaunt of a Sole” / “Chaunt of a Soul,” Chenier / Chenier [1524] Gold Bug / Gold-Bug [page 31:] [1526] Horsely / Horsley [1531] La Maniere / La Maniere [1536] Preisstnitz / Priessnitz [1540] Tegner / Tegner [1541] Trelawney / Trelawny [1542] Volney. . .Francoise / Volney. . .François
In the same “Note on the Texts,” Quinn speaks of Poe’s habit of placing the “diaeresis over the wrong [page 32:] vowel” left “uncorrected” (1382) Actually Poe here was idiosyncratic but not wrong, as I point out in the Introduction to The Brevities, and in this way he inadvertently signalized his preparation of texts presented by Griswold in 1850 as edited by himself alone Wisely Quinn surmises this situation (1371), one of the many anomalies in Poe studies In general, this volume is a fine collection of Poe’s poems and tales, splendid for general reading and useful for many specialized purposes but not for demanding scholarship

Edgar allan poe essays and reviews the library of america 1984

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