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"This massive bird" is indeed massive.

bird reddit

With a wingspan as wide as eight feet and a striking yellow beak, the Steller’s sea eagle looks more like a Muppet than an actual living animal. But it’s real, all right, and it’s extremely metal. The Steller’s sea eagle only breeds in far eastern Russia, along the coasts of the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, and most individuals migrate to Japan and Korea in the winter. The ones that don’t migrate live instead above the open sea and perch on sea ice, because, as mentioned before, the Steller’s sea eagle is extremely metal.
Within the behemoth that is Reddit there exist more than a million subreddits where communities unite over niche interests, whether universal basic income, yeast, or, as a new viral post shows, insanely huge birds. While the notoriously untamed site can be a cesspool of online toxicity, curious readers can also walk away with the type of scientific knowledge that would have made high school biology class a lot more exciting. The viral video of a massive bird, posted Sunday to r/interestingasfuck, garnered that sort of earnest curiosity.

Bird reddit
When speaking to Block Club Chicago, McIndoe cited government drones disguised as birds, but many of his supporters don’t actually believe that. The campaign is meant to highlight the fact that “we are living in a post-truth era,” McIndoe said.
Chicago’s bird brigade chapter leader and manager of the Chicago B.A.R Instagram is a DePaul freshman named Zach who’s studying computer programming. Zach declined to use his last name (“because I may look for jobs one day”).

These four photos are enough on their own, but they are not the end. No, the loop has continued to spiral outward, with more (and more, and more) paintings pushing the pattern forth.
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Bird reddit
This picture is a sobering reminder that as humans, we can always do more to make our environment hospitable for animals.

The picture of Cindi holding her painting has now received 75,000 upvotes on Reddit and is proving popular on other social media sites, including Imgur where it has been viewed 1.14 million times.
“I thought it was cute, and had the idea that I would paint one of those photos just for fun,” he told the BBC.